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Make your own Socks!

Let us help you make your own socks. We offer a very competitive price per dozen for Giza 86 long stable Egyptian cotton. Our clients managed to save from $6 to $12/dozen with us compared to other factories in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Korea, Morocco and Turkey.

Facts about custom socks process:

1. The socks are made in Egypt.

2. Material: 80% Giza 86 long stable Egyptian cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Lycra. 

3. Price provided includes everything, manufacturing cost, label, packing, and shipping. No hidden costs!

4. Time frame is 45 days from start to end. Start means the first day the machines start to make the socks.  

5. Label, we will work with you to design your own special label. The label will state that the custom socks are made by "Sam Socks" on the back of it with a very fine font. 

6. You can re order at any time.

7. Minimum order is 120 pairs (10 dozens).

Here are our awesome prices:

Quantities from a 120 pairs (10 dozens) to 2400 pairs (200 dozens)

120 pairs (10 dozens) is $8.00/pair

240 pairs (20 dozens) is $7.20/pair

600 pairs (50 dozens) is $6.50/pair

1200 pairs (100 dozens) is $5.85/pair

2400 pairs (200 dozens) is $5.00/pair

On quantities from 250 dozens and up, the price changes substantially. Please contact us for a quote.  

We require that all submitted designs are made via photoshop cs6 or later then sent to us in bmp extensions. 

Our communication skills are superior. We return all inquiries instantly. You don't have to travel to get your socks made. We bring this experience to your fingertips. I guarantee you, if you try us once, you will stick around. Our service is second to none.